Register Farms Gelbvieh cows 021 RegisterRegister Farms purchased their first Gelbvieh cattle in 1990. They had a commercial herd at the time and began their Gelbvieh herd with two red polled females. Register Farms continued to increase the Gelbvieh herd and phased out the commercial cows. They were impressed with the genetics, growth, maternal traits and disposition of the Gelbvieh breed. By 2000 Register Farms had both a red and black herd of cattle and were producing quality beef cattle. In 2005 Register Farms included Balancers, a cross between purebred Angus and purebred Gelbvieh, in their program thereby improving their market.
In the pasture today at Register Farms they have an outstanding herd of red and black purebred Gelbvieh and very impressive Balancers. The cows are naturally bred by hand picked sires, chosen by Craven, in the early part of the year so we experience a fall and winter calving season.
Our mission is to produce quality genetics with our rotation of pastures, thereby promoting our herd and offering a fine quality product to our customers coming to the farm to select their purchases.

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